Uncertainty and unfamiliarity

Ate breakfast in possibly the most expensive hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Ordered a “continental” breakfast. Wondered what continent this refered to (doesn’t this only make sense if you are somewhere separate from a continental mainland, like Britain?). It wasn’t very good, anyway.

Bought a bus ticket to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. Ten minutes later realized I’d been sold a ticket to Saint-Georges. Exchanged it for the correct ticket, drank a small expresso in a café at the bus-station while I was waiting, then boarded the bus.

I’ve never been so excited to be on a bus. Crossing the river out of Québec City was a spectacular moment. Driving north-eastwards I realised that I’d chosen to sit on the better side of the bus: the left, which was the same side as the river. That was a good choice. The other passengers did not seem interested in it, however.

A road

Arrived in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, and R arrived a couple of minutes later to pick me up. R bought a cake on the way for A’s birthday.

Later walked towards the highway for an hour. Photographed some isolated sheds and barns along the way. Already I seemed to have decided that isolated sheds and barns were what I was interested in.


A shed

Eventually I crossed a railway track and a small stream, whereupon I could finally see the highway. Then I turned around and walked back. The sky is fascinating here, I noted. It has something to do with the clouds.



In the evening P told us about swarm behavior in ants. I felt slightly overawed by the breadth of his knowledge, until D pointed out that this was his special interest. That was a relief. You can’t know everything about everything.